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A video about milk stains liquidation
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Water cleaning cleaner connector
Brand: switle
Introduction: A dual-use vacuum cleaner has a dry and hydro modes. It can be used for tiding up the vehicles, cleaning the sofas, rugs, and for removing the stains.
Made in: Japan
Sales volume: 361
Price: ¥1,988.00

Switleis the world’s first vacuum cleaner connector! It is just needed to be connectedto the  household vacuum cleaner, and itwill turn into a hydro-vacuum cleaner!

Ninety-nineout of a hundred vacuum cleaners are known as a regular one’s that are bannedfrom cleaning the waterborne substances, but a Japanese vacuum cleaner Switlerejects any difficulties and finds an easy way to clean up the dirt on thecarpets or sheets by washing it, and the main principle of the cleaner is toconstantly rinsing and sucking the water by the machine around the dirt areafor several times until you get to see the result.

Use the vacuum cleaner to wash it out.

Whenit comes to vacuum cleaners in Japan, all imply a machine that sucks only “dry”dirt.

Butin the United States, everyone thinks that a vacuum cleaner can clean a washed carpet.If there is a vacuum cleaner that can be used to spray water and suck it in atthe same tim, then spilled coffee, spilled food, pet feces ... this dirt can beeliminated.

“Usethe power of water to clean.”.

Switle thinks of a newcommon sense of cleaning.

Switle’s features

1. A  dual function of dust absorption + cleaning allows to keep the space dry and  clean by washing a dirt first, then absorbing it.

2. Both  dirt and a peculiar smell are locked in   water. It can be used at ease and without any accidents.

3. A  wastewater can be dumbed directly without soiling hands. Also, Switle can be  rinsed and kept clean.  

4. Solid  materials such as sauces, chocolates, rice, instant noodles, and liquid  stains such as coffee and red wine on carpets, sofas, and mattresses can be  cleaned.

Degermed water


 Currently only available in Japan.


What is degerming liquid?  

The source of the degermingliquid is a dissolved tap water that formulates a faintly chlorous acidliquid’s powder.

Faintly hypochlorous acid liquid’s features

  1. Thoroughlyremoves viruses that are invisible to the naked eye

  2. Aquick deodorization

  3. Gentle to humans and theenvironment

3 advantages of making powder

1. Canbe easily made

2. Doesn'ttake up space, quite  economical andpractical

3. Can be stored for a longtime

Four international patent technologies


Switle is a hot sale in Japan







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