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Introduction of Japanese company

Company name

Sirius JSC

Headquarter address

F2,  No.9, Nakashima Building, 1-14, Higashi Ueno , Taito-ku, Tokyo, 〒1100015

Chairmanand General Manager


Date of establishment

October 8, 2008

Business Scope

Householdelectrical appliances and peripheral equipment manufacturing, distribution, LEDlighting manufacturing and its distribution, environmental sanitation services,consultancy

Operating goods

Comprehensivehousehold appliances, office equipment, environmental health services and otherrelated products.

Main base

Businesslocations (Tokyo, Kobe)

Distributionpoints  (Sapporo, Gunma, Kanagawa, Aichi,Osaka, Tottori, Fukuoka)

SumotoCity (Hyogo Prefecture), Shenzhen (China), Fuchu City (Tokyo), Kakogawa City(Hyogo Prefecture), etc.

Affiliated group

TokyoChamber of Commerce

The history of the Japanese company
October 2008

YES TECHNOLOGY company's "stere power" (a faintly chlorous acid water’s) dealership   established by Kamei (current Vice President) in Akabane, Tokyo, with a money of 300,000 yen invested.

April 2011

Establishment of  “gopan” by Sanyo Electrical Machinery Corporation

August 2011

Kamei Ryuhei became a Chairman and General Manager.

September 2011

The headquarter moved to Yuzawa station at Yazawa city.

August 2012

The beginning of production of led fluorescent tubes of Sanyo Industries (Ltd.)

October 2012

A Tokyo office opened its headquarters and moved to the alsok comprehensive guardnamed “Gong Rong Hui”.

December2012, the Tokyo office expanded the area.

December 2012

The Tokyo office expanded the area.

February 2013
Other official wholesalers such as Haier Steel Co., Ltd., AIRISUOYAMA Co., Ltd., Can KunElectrical Equipment Appliances (Japan) Co., Ltd., T·M·Y·TAKANO Co., Ltd.,MUTAU Co., Ltd., etc. increased a capital to 10 million yen.
April 2013

Taking the National household electric appliance distribution as a main axle, startedintegrating a wholesale establishment of household electrical appliances.


Putting up on sales of “j-boy” degerming liquid for private space sanitary.

November 2013

Beginning of selling an ascending pipe casts - led flourescent tubes of Sirius ECOseries.

October 2014

“j-boy” degerming powder appeared on the market.

December 2014

degerming powdered  hydrogenesis known as a“degerming liquid and essence” been put on sale; the scope of the sanitarysystem j-boy SVW-AQA1001(W) was developed and put on sale.

October 2015

“j-boy” degerming powder appeared on the market, and the destribution of the purifierhas began.

March 2016

capital increased to 30 million yen.

July 2018

opening of a newYashio Logistics Center.

The board of Japanese company

Chairmanand General Manager


Born in August 8, 1964 in Hokkaido island, Hakodate city.

March1983, graduated from the  North HakodateMunicipal College at Hakodate city, Hokkaido island.

March1987, graduatedfrom Kokushikan University, the Sports Faculty, majoring in Physical Education.

April1987, Congressman,Secretary to Koichi Hamada.

September1989, joineda Sanyo Electrical Machinery Corporation.

April2007, incharge of the State Corporate Planning Division at Sanyo Electrical MachineryCorporation.

May2010, leftSanyo Electrical Machinery Corporation

August 2011,  assumed a post of the Chairman at Sirius Co.,Ltd. Gave sermons of the 6th grade Judo.


DeputyGeneral Manager


Born in December 8, 1960 in Banqiao District, Tokyo.

InMarch of 1979 graduated from the Tokyo Metropolitan High School.

March1983, graduatedfrom Kokushikan University, the Sports Faculty, majoring in Physical Education.

April 1983 -Kawasaki city Miyuki middle school, official instructor of Health and PhysicalEducation.

October1987, joined Oriental Land Co., Ltd., assigned to the product division.

October2008,   established Sirius Co., Ltd.,assumed a post of a Plenipotentiary Director.

January 2016, ExecutiveVice President, Kodokan Judo.

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